Ultimate Backyard Remodeling Ideas

Sep 29, 2020 | Backyard

Table and chairs

Many people don’t realize the potential a backyard holds when it comes to creating a cozy space for friends and family. Most homeowners limit the décor of their yard to a wooden table and chair set and never think about going beyond that. However, if they think a little outside the traditional home remodeling box, they can turn their backyard into a warm and welcoming sanctuary, which will also increase their property’s value significantly.

The outdoor space of your home is as capable of becoming a retreat for you as any other place in your estate. With the right bells and whistles, you can create a comfortable space that offers you an opportunity to lounge and relax while being close to nature. A creatively designed backyard is the perfect way of bringing the comfort of the home and the freshness of nature.

When it comes to remodeling a backyard, the possibilities are endless. From creating an outdoor fireplace to setting up an open kitchen, there is a lot that you can do with the outdoor space in your home. Having a well-designed open space in your home allows you to have countless parties and get-togethers without having to go through the hassle of making temporary seating and serving arrangements. If you want to have the ideal get-together spot in your backyard, here are some ideas that will inspire you to remodel it.

Add a Gazebo or Pergola to Make Room

One of the best ways of bringing hominess to your backyard is by adding a gazebo or pergola to it. When you add a pergola or gazebo in your yard, you instantly create a platform to have a seating arrangement. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors, especially if you want to unwind after a long day. It also provides you space to set up the dinner table during parties and get-togethers.

If you want to be more creative, add an isle to your outdoor establishment that leads to an open kitchen or barbeque grill. It will bring personality and texture in your backyard and provide an ever-ready spot to host dinner parties or brunches.

Place a Patio with Fireplace

The evergreen union of nature with a stone fireplace is the perfect way to turn a backyard into the ultimate hanging out destination in your home for all seasons. You can warm up with the heat from the fireplace during the chilling winter or just lounge around under the sun during the pleasant summer. How you furnish the patio and what kind of space you create is up to you. You can either keep it youthful by adding bean bags or make it regal and posh by placing a chaise. No matter how you choose to decorate the entire set up, it will add value to your home.

Build the Middle Eastern Courtyard

Bringing the Middle Eastern trend of a central fountain in the backyard gives it a very medieval look. Place a large water basin in the center of your yard over a deck and surround it with a concrete circular seating arrangement. You can have a grand old time chatting with friends and family while the sound of flowing water fills the background.

You can also get a clay stove installed to create a kitchen that gives off an organic vibe. Since the Middle Eastern construction and décor style back in the day was all about natural elements, it sought to bring together day to day life and nature. That is why homes inspired by the decades’ old style are always brimming with plants, small water bodies, and brick wall accents to make the place as organic as possible.

Allow the Earthy Escape

For homes close to the woods, the earthy escape is an excellent way of assimilating the in-home nature with the out of home nature. Install gravel seating area next to a stacked-stone retaining wall with a fireplace at the center. Connect the woods with your backyard via flagstone steps so that you can go on long strolls unfettered.

Grow plants and lace the entire space with greenery to enjoy the ultimate earthy backyard experience. You can also add a pond or oasis to complete the look.

Invest in an In-ground Pool and pair it with a Garden

A swimming pool in the backyard is not a new home décor concept. However, surrounding it with modern furnishings and stylish backyard fixtures can blow new life into your home’s outdoor space. Demarcate the pool with marbled borders embellished with plants. Style the garden with a sleek, wooden canopy furnished with luxurious sofas and a contemporary table.

You can also add glass panels near the pool to separate it from the garden. The in-ground pool with a garden is a modern décor style that instantly adds elegance and class to any home.

Build a Tree House

Building a treehouse in your backyard is an incredible way of adding energy and charm to your yard. You don’t have to build an authentic treehouse on a tree. You can make one close to a tree and add all the necessary elements, such as the spacey stairs and a dangling swing. Although a treehouse adds a lot of character to a backyard, it may render unsuitable for sophisticated parties and get-togethers. Therefore, you must carefully plan the kind of look you wish to have in your yard before embarking on the journey to remodel your backyard.

The Takeaway- Turn your Vision into Reality

No matter which backyard remodeling idea you choose, you can always modify it and create a space that reflects your personality and matches the rest of your house. Also, there are many open-space establishments, such as a swimming pool, a kitchen island, a deck, a fireplace, or a concrete seating arrangement, which you can incorporate in any kind of backyard. If you are willing to try new styles, then you can do a lot with your yard.

Want to know more about backyard designs and deck ideas? Reach out to us at Ryson Renovations and turn your backyard into a blissful sanctuary.