10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Sep 29, 2020 | Bathrooms

A cream color bathroom

People often assume that having a small bathroom means giving up on your dreams to style it beautifully and sticking to the most boring and basic design that only offers functionality. But the fact of the matter is that even the tiniest bathrooms can be elaborately revamped with a little bit of creative thinking. With just a few design hacks, one can make their bathroom look bigger and better. A smartly designed bathroom is pleasing to the eye and easy to clean as well. Besides, nobody should have to use a cramped up bathroom for their busy morning routines.

Want to change your strictly practical bathroom into an elegant one? Then here are ten ideas to design a small bathroom.

Go all out on your Vanity Mirror

Having a large, wall to wall vanity mirror can significantly change the look and feel of a small bathroom. Big mirrors give the illusion of a larger space, even in a compact room. So, if you want your bathroom to appear roomier than it is, install a massive mirror on the wall. A bathroom that appears spacious is much more welcoming than the one that doesn’t.  

Wall Mounted Toilet

The toilet can take up a substantial amount of space in a bathroom. For a small bathroom, it’s crucial to save as much space as possible to ensure that the area doesn’t look too congested. Therefore, anyone who has a small bathroom should go for a wall-mounted toilet. It will not only create room in the bathroom but will be much easier to clean than a regular toilet due to the empty area underneath it.

Let there be Light

One of the most effective ways to enhance the look of a place is allowing natural light to enter. And to do that in a small bathroom, one should add a skylight to the ceiling. You must be thinking, why can’t you just have windows instead? Well, because the light that filters through the windows falls flat and doesn’t light up the room equally. However, the light that comes from the starlight falls over the entire room and spreads equally making it look more spacious than it is.

If you can’t put up a full skylight for the sunshine to stream in, you can install a tubular fixture. It will also allow ample light to enter your bathroom.

Go for Wet Bath

A small bathroom means less space, which means you can’t put a separator to divide the space between your shower and toilet. Well, technically you can, but it’s better if you don’t because you need to be as minimalistic as possible when designing a small bathroom. Anyway, so without a divider, how do you keep the bathroom dry? By making the entire area waterproof. Use waterproof materials to decorate your bathroom. Doing that will help you keep the bathroom dry and clean even after a shower.

Floating Cabinetry

Just like the mounted toilet, mounted cabinetry is also excellent at saving up space in a small bathroom while giving it an elegant look. Floating cabinetry gives you enough storage space to keep all your toiletries without cramping up your bathroom. Just because your bathroom doesn’t have enough square footage doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have storage space in it.

Niches and Nooks

Let’s be real; no amount of storage space is enough for a bathroom. No matter how many cabinet units one puts in their bathroom, they always end up needing more. Now in a bigger bathroom, you have the margin to put up extra closets, but in a small bathroom, you don’t have that. SO how do you create more space to keep things? You make niches and nooks in the walls. They are excellent at providing space while giving the bathroom a quaint look.

Use Contrasting Colors

While having all-white finishes makes a bathroom look bigger, it can make bring down the personality of the place significantly. A dull bathroom ends up being only functional, which is why it’s essential to brighten up a small bathroom. And you can do that by adding some dark colours, such as emerald green, or navy blue, in your bathroom. Dark hues can be overwhelming for the eyes if used in a large bathroom, but they work well in a compact space.

Use Fancy Fittings

Remodelling or designing a small bathroom generally means having to spend less money. And that means you have the freedom to get a little extravagant when buying bathroom fittings. Bathroom fixtures and fittings may seem insignificant, but they can add a lot of character and appeal to your bathroom. You can create a gorgeous contrast by using fancy faucets, wallpapers or lights in an otherwise sleek bathroom. With that said, make sure you choose the items wisely and don’t go a little too over the top.

Curve Corners

Placing your vanity at a corner in your bathroom is an excellent way of freeing up space in a small bathroom. Plus, it gives the illusion of a much bigger space. And it also adds a lot of character and personality to your bathroom.

One caveat: Use a soft (at the edges) and rounded vanity if you want to keep it at a corner in your bathroom. Otherwise, you can frequently bang into the sharp borders of your vanity and injure yourself, especially during the hasty morning routine.

Swap Shower Curtains with Glass Doors

Having a shower curtain in a small bathroom can look a little untidy. So, what you can do is that you remove the shower curtain and place a glass slab/door instead. It will keep the steam in the shower while you take a bath. Also, the glass will make the bathroom look bigger.

There are many ways in which you can enhance the look of a small bathroom, only if you are willing to try. You don’t have to compromise on your bathroom’s form because of the lack of space. Bring in form to your only functional bathroom with our small bathroom ideas or contact us to learn more about styling ideas for small bathrooms.