Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Sep 29, 2020 | Bathrooms

Wooden Bathroom Door

Many people believe that getting a bathroom remodeled on a tight budget is next to impossible. And for them, the only way to make the impossible possible is by compromising on the materials used in a makeover project. But that’s a gross misconception! Getting a bathroom renovated without losing a leg and a limb to pay for it is achievable if you work intelligently. There are plenty of ways to cut down on a bathroom remodel cost without having to compromise on the quality of products used for the project.

When people think about getting a part of their house renovated, they imagine an over the top transformation that will completely change the look of the area. But you can bring significant changes to the look of a room without tearing down (and then reinstalling) everything. Sometimes only a few minor alterations can leave a noticeable visual impact. Find it hard to believe? Continue reading to become a believer.

Here are ten ways in which you get an elegant bathroom makeover without draining your pocket.

Limit the Tiles

Tiles take up a lot of space in a bathroom, so you need to buy a lot of them. And that jacks up your expenses significantly. However, if you limit the tiles in your bathroom, you can considerably cut down on the cost of your project. Consider applying tiles in patterned queues and paint over the rest of the walls. It will not only bring down your expenses but also give your bathroom a personality by highlighting only those areas that you want to get the most attention.

Another way of saving money on tiles is to use expensive accent tiles and pair them with low-cost ones. This way, your accent tiles will be more noticeable without costing you big bucks.


The most effective and cheapest way of renewing the look of a bathroom is painting. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a proper remodel, but you still want to change the appearance of your bathroom, renew the paint. Fresh paint instantly enlivens a place and makes everything tidy.

But remember one thing, painting in a bathroom can be time-consuming. Your bathroom has a lot of small fixtures and big appliances, therefore painting around those will take them and patience. So, make sure you have enough time and patience to get the job done when you decide to paint your bathroom.

Update the Fixtures

Although fixtures seem insignificant, they can blow new life into a bathroom. Consider changing the light fixtures, towel racks, cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and faucets in your bathroom for a fresh look at a low price.

Also, you don’t have to buy expensive fixtures from high-end stores. You can easily get relatively cheaper accessories from home improvement stores or use old plumbing tools in place of some installations, such as racks and hangers.

Buy Used Materials

People think that they cannot get good-quality second-hand products, but that’s not true. There are many websites, such as craigslist and eBay, where you can find fine quality products if you scour them thoroughly.

Put Environment-Friendly Upgrades

When buying new bathroom appliances, consider purchasing the ones that are good for the environment, such as low flow toilets, showerheads, and sinks. They are not just environment friendly but also cost-effective. They’ll help you preserve water and save money. And they are not too expensive, so you will save a lot of money without having to spend a lot at first.

Don’t Change the Plumbing

Moving the plumbing can jack up the cost of your bathroom remodel pretty quickly. So don’t get too deep into your bathroom if you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars. Keep your bathroom fixtures and plumbing where they currently are.

Buy Expensive-looking Materials

We know that it may sound bizarre, but there are some materials that look high-end even though they don’t cost a lot. Using those materials for your bathroom remodel is a smart way of saving money while elevating the look. For instance, for the floor, go for low-cost vinyl flooring. It is not too pricey and looks luxurious at a glance.

For the countertops, consider swapping granite with high-quality laminate or quartz. They have a somewhat similar appearance but don’t cost the same. You can also use faux stone or porcelain tiles, they are not as expensive as marble or travertine, but they look elegant in a bathroom.

Add Wallpaper

A great way of brightening up the mood of a bathroom is by adding a colorful wallpaper. You can choose a subdued wallpaper or a flashy one depending on your taste. But regardless of which type of wallpaper you choose to put, it will give new life to your bathroom.

Choose Out-of-demand Countertops

Most homeowners love to get granite countertops, which are quite pricey. However, some granite countertops are less expensive than others based on their demand. The popular varieties are usually more costly. Generally, light beige, tan, and brown granite countertops are high in demand; try to avoid those and buy cheaper alternatives.

You can also get little cracked granite slabs. They don’t look a lot different from a whole piece but cost a lot less. Also, you can locate them strategically in such a way that the fissures end up near the sink and the faucet. You can also put small pots and plants to cover up the cracks.

Change the Lighting

Many people don’t consider lighting as an integral part of a bathroom’s look. However, it has a lot of impact on how a bathroom looks. You can instantly freshen up the look of your bathroom by just changing the lights in it.

Add a chandelier or skylight to allow more light into your bathroom.

So, you see if you think creatively you can remodel your bathroom without spending heaps of money. Want more ideas to get your bathroom renovated on a budget? Reach out to us at Ryson Renovations, and we will make that we come up with all kinds of cost-effective solutions for your bathroom makeover project.