Walk-in Showers for Master Bath

Sep 29, 2020 | Bathrooms

Black Showerhead

The master bathroom is often designed to create a relaxing retreat for the inhabitants of a house. It is laced with extravagant bathroom appliances with soothing walls to enhance the comforting aura of the space. And one of the most luxurious bathroom appliances that used to inhabit master bathrooms readily is the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi has been a part of many master baths for years, but it is beginning to lose its appeal indoors. There was a time master bathrooms were considered incomplete without a Jacuzzi. But as people started gravitating more towards spacious walk-in showers, the Jacuzzi lost its popularity.

Another factor that led to the downfall of hot tubs is the excessive hot water consumption. Many homeowners tore down their Jacuzzis because they used up a lot of hot water. Also, hot tubs are quite high maintenance. They require regular and extensive cleaning. With walk-in showers, bathroom maintenance is much easier and faster. Considering the many benefits of walk-in showers, more and more people are incorporating them in their master bathrooms.

Due to the increased use of walk-in showers, designers are continually coming up with new and elegant showerheads and spaces to give people originality in their bathrooms. If you are also looking for the perfect walk-in shower for your master bath, then here are eleven specimens that will take your breath away.   

Stand out Shower

The standout shower is one classy walk-in shower design. Its back wall is embellished with mosaic tiles that add character to the entire space. A light-colored herringbone tile floor contrasts the busy back wall.

Enclosed by glass, the standout shower is ideal for someone who wants to add refined aesthetic appeal to their bathroom.

Subway Tile Shower

As the name suggests, this shower style uses subway tiles from top to bottom. Subway tiles are one of the most timeless design elements that can significantly enhance the look of any space. The subway tile shower is enclosed by sliding glass doors, which show the tiles well.

Most bathrooms with the subway tile shower are covered with subway tiles even outside the shower. However, it’s not a rule. If you wish to have different tiles in the rest of your bathroom than the shower, you can do that too.

Shower Room with Glass Door Ventilation

One popular walk-in shower style is the shower room with a glass door with a cutout at the top. A separate shower room can get pretty steamy with a complete enclosure. Therefore, having a glass door with a sliver of space at the top is essential. It will allow the steam to escape so that you can enjoy your bath without getting bothered by the heat.

Pop of Pattern

Playing with tiles in your walk-in shower is an excellent way to enhance its look. By adding a layer of dark-colored mosaic tiles in your otherwise neutral shower, you can add a lot of personality to it. The pop of pattern uses the color of bathroom floor tiles to add contrast in the white walk-in shower. So, basically, you have a plain shower space, but you break color in it using the color of bathroom floor tiles. It will keep your bathroom color coordinated and bring together a cohesive look.

Lofty Look

A concrete shower with a pebble floor adjacent to an exposed brick wall. The lofty shower is excellent at giving an earthy look to the bathroom. You can modify it by adding different textures throughout the space. Just like most walk-in showers, the lofty look is also enclosed by glass walls.

The Classic

The classic shower is a plain white shower with wall niches. Its minimal, elegant, and a great addition to any bathroom, master or not. It is surrounded by glass walls on two sides, with one being the door.

To add a touch of color, the floor is covered with dark tiles that are also used in the niches. Adding a dark color in contrast with white is an excellent way to instantly brighten up the entire space.

The Sauna look/ The Sit-in Shower

Adding a wall-mounted tiled bench in a walk-in shower makes it the sauna look or the sit-in shower. You can play with the color of tiles in it as much as you want. But be sure not to use dark-colored tiles because they will also be covering the bench. If you use dark tiles, it will become overwhelming for the eyes.

Seamless Transition

This style of shower uses floor to ceiling glass panels to demarcate the shower space, but it doesn’t have a door. Since barrier-free showers are the trend these days, walk-in showers without doors are preferred more. They are considered luxurious and make the shower space look bigger.

The Power Shower

The power shower is any walk-in shower with multiple showerheads. It may sound a bit bizarre, but it is a playful take on a standard walk-in shower. Instead of having just one big showerhead, installing several showerheads gives the shower a spa-like feel. If you want to have a spa day at home, then you should consider the power shower.

You can even install a rainfall showerhead to enhance your showering experience further.

The Natural Shower

As the name suggests, this shower style uses natural colors and materials all around the shower space. You can use any natural elements that you wish. But keep the colors as neutral and light as possible.

Seamless Transition Variation

Incorporating the concept of barrier-free bathroom, this shower style mingles with the rest of the bathroom without any glass separators. It only uses a half-wall to demarcate the shower space that is covered with the same tiles as in the rest of the bathroom.  

These are just some walk-in shower designs that you can choose for your bathroom. Once you decide to get a roomy walk-in shower in your master bathroom, you can even come up with your own style. If you want some more shower inspiration or want to discuss master bath designs, reach out to us at Ryson renovations. We will bring your dream bathroom to you.