Creative Laundry Room Ideas

Sep 29, 2020 | Laundry Rooms

Laundry Room

Laundry is probably one of the most despised chores one has to do. But no matter how grudgingly people do it, they cannot NOT do it unless they want to drown in a mighty pile of dirty clothes. As a result, the inhabitants of a house have to frequent the laundry room more often than not. Although people have to use the laundry room frequently, they don’t pay much attention to its interior and design, which is why laundry rooms are one of the most boring spaces in a house. However, they don’t have to be. A laundry room can be as stylish as it is functional.

Most homeowners keep their laundry rooms strictly practical with limited resources and appliances, even though they can utilize that space far more creatively. Having a large and multipurpose laundry room can help you be more organized and allow you to do a variety of household tasks in one place. The traditional laundry room typically houses a washing machine, dryer, some hanging space, and one or two storage units. While all those things are enough to carry out loads of laundry, they are also why a laundry room looks so bland and unwelcoming.

To give you some inspiration to revamp your laundry room, we decided to put together some creative design ideas to help you see the remodeling potential it has.

 Here are some home décor furnishings that you can add to a laundry room and make it multifunctional while enhancing its look.

Kitchen Style Cabinetry

Most people believe that kitchen cabinetry cannot be installed in any other place in a house. But that’s a misconception. Cabinets are an excellent way of adding storage units in any room. If you add kitchen style cabinetry to your laundry room, you will create ample storage space for yourself. You can use it to store a bunch of things such as housing supplies, toiletries, electronic accessories, a sewing kit, etc.  

Kitchen style cabinets utilize the space in a room perfectly without congesting it. Wall-mounted top shelves offer you room for storage without taking up any area on the floor. And the floor shelves provide you a location to add countertops for folding clothes or ironing boards.

Bathing Corner for Pets

One of the most innovative ways to utilize the excess space in your laundry room is by setting up a shower nook for your pet. Whether you have a dog or a cat as a pet, you can put up a tiled platform with faucets and drainage to wash your animal-friend.

The most common bane of a pet owner is designating a place in the house for grooming their companions. Setting up a bathing corner for your sidekick in the laundry room gives you a sheltered space to bathe your pet without exposing them to the outdoors during a showering session.

And with the built-in cabinetry, you can easily store your pet’s grooming supplies close to their showering nook. Plus, the close proximity to the laundry machine will allow you to put away your pet’s towel immediately after every grooming session without having to carry it throughout the house.

Hanging Space in the Wall

Although hangers are a vital component when it comes to storing clothes, especially after ironing, they are not always included in laundry rooms. Creating a niche to make space for hanging clothes is an ideal way of keeping pressed garments fresh. Pushing back the wall and adding hangers doesn’t just give you room to hang your clothes but also adds a nice aesthetic touch to the room without congesting the space.

Pantry in the Laundry Room

Many people don’t like the idea of having their pantry in the laundry room, but it’s an effective way of creating ample space to store your groceries and other household stuff. Often, the pantry in our homes isn’t big enough, leading to clutter and disorganized storage. Allocating some space in your laundry for the pantry will not only allow you to store supplies conveniently but also help you stash away the eatables you want to ration.

Storage Shelves for Kitchen Utensils

Sometimes the kitchen in a house is not big enough to house all of its apparatuses and utensils. In that case, people cram pots and plates together to store things. By adding a storage unit exclusively for your kitchen utensils in the laundry room, you can organize your kitchen better and avoid clutter in the kitchen. Having a neatly organized kitchen is not just good for the eyes; it also makes working in the kitchen much more efficient and easy.

You can either install open shelves for your pots and pans or place the typical kitchen-style cabinets in your laundry room, depending on your budget and the available space. But regardless of the type of storage unit you decide on building in your laundry room, you will get a lot of benefit from it.

A Scullery

Your laundry room is the perfect location to build a scullery. You can set up a sink and counter and do all the dirty household work, such as washing the dishes discreetly, away from the guests’ eyes. More often than not, our kitchens end up looking a cluttered mess after a dinner party or get-together. Now you can’t start cleaning everything up right in front of your guests, but you also cannot let everything be the way it is and let others question your ability to run the domestic affairs. In that case, a scullery in the laundry room will allow you to stash all the used utensils away while the guests are present. And once they leave, you can clear everything up. And even then, you don’t have to mess up your sparkly kitchen. You can wash everything in the laundry room. And after everything is dried, you can store them on the shelves. This way, nobody will get wind of your behind-the-scene efforts.

Your laundry room doesn’t have to be strictly practical. You can utilize it a lot better and improve its functionality and form. And that will also add to your home’s value significantly.

If you want to discuss more ideas about remodeling your laundry room, contact us today at Ryson Renovations. We have just the skills and experience that you need to transform your estate into a paradise.