Lighting Trends 2020

Sep 29, 2020 | Lighting

string of bulb lights

Lighting is often the most overlooked aspect of the interior décor in a home. Many people don’t realize that elegant lighting styles can brighten up a house instantly and lend a welcoming ambiance. You can play with the atmosphere of your home with the lighting you install. With that said, every room in a house has different lighting needs. What works for the living room may not work for the bedroom. Therefore, you need to be careful when picking out the lights for your home.

Although it’s not a hard and fast rule, you should still try to keep separate lighting styles in different rooms as every room serves a particular purpose, which should be reflected and highlighted in the way it’s illuminated.

Even though lighting isn’t given enough credit as an interior décor apparatus, designers keep coming up with new ideas to light up people’s homes. Every year or few years, a revised lighting scheme goes en vogue, and devoted trend followers hop on the bandwagon immediately. Just like all years, this year, also designers have circulated new lighting ideas that are picking up popularity as we speak. From colored lighting to gold finishing, a number of lighting trends have surfaced in the world of interior décor.

Here are some of the latest lighting trends that will help you revamp the look of your home.  

Vintage Edison-Style Bulbs

Most people love to create a warm space for themselves that’s also nostalgic. And that is exactly what the vintage Edison style bulbs are offering homeowners in 2020. The retro cone-shaped bulbs are ideal for adding a cozy feel in any room. However, most homeowners prefer to put the vintage bulbs in the living room or kitchen.

Warm Edison Style Bulbs

Aside from being versatile, Edison style bulbs are also technologically advanced. They can be paired up with LED lighting to save money and power. Plus, LED bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs. But if you want to get your hands on the old-school incandescent Edisons, you can get those too from the market. They will give a more authentic nostalgic feel to your home.  

Refined Industrial Fixture Designs and Finishing

The once-popular industrial luminaires have made a comeback in 2020, but with some modifications in the designs. Previously industrial light fittings were all about rustic metal holders and neutral colors. They were used to subdue the look and feel of a place. However, the retro trend that’s changing the ambiance of homes now is a lot less traditionally industrial. In 2020, the industrial lighting craze is about varied designs, warmer tones, particularly gold that have a much sleeker visual impact. It is making homes homier by taking away the warehouse look from the old models. Now the fixtures amalgamate minimalism and industrial blandness by being dainty and metallic.

Golden Light Fixture

Although minimalism has been quite popular for a while, it is starting to lose traction as people are beginning to look for ways to add texture and personality to their homes. And that is why the old industrial has come back with variations.

Warm LED Lights

As people are becoming more and more interested in creating a comfortable retreat for themselves in their homes, they are naturally beginning to favor warmer light shades. Warm LED lights are in fashion now as they make a space cozier and more welcoming. Plus, they offer a respite from all the blue light we encounter through our phones and tablets. Moreover, LED lights are much softer than incandescent lights, so they are ideal for homes.

By putting up LED lights, homeowners do not just add comfort to their homes, but they also save a ton of money. This home décor trend is not only excellent for the aesthetic appeal of a house but also the pocket of the homeowner.

Bigger is better

People mostly have differing views about the size of things. Some believe bigger is better, while others believe the opposite. But this year, the lighting world is working on the principle on bigger is better as more and more people are festooning their homes with massive light fixtures. The reason behind going big on luminaires is to attract attention instantly. Large fixtures are excellent at catching people’s eyes and creating a majestic atmosphere. In other words, they are dual-purposed; they don’t just emit light but also act as centerpieces in a room, adding to the room’s interior design.

white hanging lights

From huge chandeliers to enormous pendant lights, all kinds of noticeable light fixtures are currently gaining immense popularity. You can hang big luminaire in your kitchen or living room to elicit WOWs and loud gasps from your guests. With that said, large fixtures are the trend, but gaudy ones aren’t. Just because you can buy huge fixtures doesn’t mean you can put up just about anything. To elevate the aesthetic appeal of a place, you need to add tasteful decor items. 

Clean and Clear Lines

Even though minimalism is waning a little bit, some of its aspects are staying back. Chief among them is clean and sleek fixture designs. Whether it’s a lamp or a chandelier, people are inclining towards designs that offer sharp, clean borders that make for a tidy look. Excessive ornamentation has run its course, and now light fixtures, no matter big or small, are all about function with little focus on extravagant aesthetics. You will not see too many flashy light fittings on the market this year.

ceiling lamp

Texture in Fixtures

From wicker to wood, people are gravitating towards lighting fixtures that come with textures. Lights enveloped in organic or organic-looking vessels are ubiquitous these days as they bring personality to a room and add contrast among synthetic items in the room.

wicker ceiling light

If you want to bring life into any room in your house, you need to pay attention to the lighting. And you don’t always have to pay big bucks to upgrade the lighting fixtures. If you choose the right contractors to revamp your house, you can get the look you want while staying on a budget. If you want to know more about lighting and home makeovers, reach out to us at Ryson Renovations today.